Since 1969, we have prepared our students for their futures by focusing on college and career readiness. Without labor, neither knowledge nor wisdom accomplish much.  Our students thrive on this philosophy, and can leave high school with the tools necessary to be successful on all paths.


Our Mission

The Norco Agriculture Department is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young people by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education

Being an FFA member better prepared for adulthood. From time management to responsibility, the agricultural education department at Norco High School equipped me with the skills necessary to be a successful student, professional, community member, and leader. The traits I developed while in the program have guided me in all of my endeavors, both at home and across the nation.
— Eileen Desmond, Staff and Program Development at Oklahoma State University

What We've Achieved - Recent Chapter wide awards and accolades

  • Model of innovation - National Chapter Finalist.
    • Presented by National FFA Organization
  • Golden Bell Award Recipient.
    • Presented by California School Board Assn.
  • Outstanding 2-3 Person Department
    • Presented by Southern Region CATA
  • Grand Marshall
    • Norco Fair
    • Norco Rodeo

Our curriculum is founded upon essential components.
Classroom. FFA. Projects.

Neither of these components can stand alone in agriculture instruction.  Together, a well-rounded student is prepared for college and career paths in a way that is unparalleled to any other  program.

Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab

Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab


Academic instruction is vital to preparing our students.  Over 70% of our courses meet University of California A-G requirements.  This is where the fundamental ideas and knowledge of practical skills are taught to our students.


Proper leadership skills are a necessity for any adult.  The FFA is an inter-curricular club that builds upon the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom and provides opportunities for members to show those skills in practical applications.  From a local chapter level, to county, region, state and nation; there is a new level of leadership challenge available for any level of student.



The FFA and agriculture programs may be famous for having their students show off their prize animal projects at fairs and shows, but there is much more to it than that. Integrated into the curriculum for every agriculture student is participation in agriculture outside of the classroom.  Animal projects, agriculture internships, agriscience fair projects, wedding floral arrangements, agriculture mechanics projects, etc.  These all provide an individualized opportunity for every student to delve more deeply into what interests them, and apply the knowledge in a practical way to gain real-world experience.

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